About this website

Gary Wemyss This site is dedicated to my research into my paternal Wemyss family heritage. It was created primarily to enable me to document my family history research and secondly with the hope that it would bring me into contact with others who could assist me in my research or for me to assist in theirs.

My family tree is hosted and available at Ancestry.co.uk

A little bit about me

My name is Gary Wemyss and I live in Swindon in the United Kingdom with my wife Rachel and our 3 children Grace, Joe and Molly. My father was Anglo-Indian and his family lived in India from the mid 1800's to Independence in 1947.

His family was primarily employed by the Indian Railway in the northern states of India and resided in Calcutta, Lahore, Karachi, Jamalpore, Sahibganj, Allahadad and Asansol.

Tracing exactly when they arrived in India and from where has proved to be very difficult but I am continuing to persevere in the hope that someone out there holds the key.