India Genealogy Research Links

This page contains a list of useful websites for researching British family history in India.
BL India Office Family History online database. The primary source of the official records from British India.
If you are researching family of British or Anglo-Indian descent who lived and / or served within the Indian Sub-continent from 1600 to 1947, you will find this website useful. It also has a good section on passenger lists to and from India.
A very useful book if you can get hold of it is Thackers Directory.  This is a directory of life in colonial India and contains street directories, businesses, names of officials, shipping arrivals and much more besides.  Copies can be found in the Oriental and India Office Collections (OIOC) at the British Library and some major libraries around the world.  This site details which volumes are available and where they can be found.  There is also a list of other useful resource.
Some good historical maps of India.
This is an excellent website which is dedicated to British industrial history and has a lot of resources on British colonial India. For example, if you search for East Indian Railway you will find historical articles about the history of the EIR and well as references to employees.
A site dedicated to the railways of India past and present. It's not the easiest site to navigate around but there is a section on the history of the Indian railway and a gallery of historical photos.