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Although the LaFrenais family is not part of my bloodline, my great grandfather married into the family so I have a few pictures of this family to share. View Slideshow.

Names of individual people in the photographs includes:
Wemyss: James Alfred, James Anthony, Douglas, George, Denzil.
  Willis: Basil, Basil Jnr, Jenny, Babsy, Thelma (nee Wemyss)
  Isaccson: Elsie Irene
  Douglas: Ivor, Pamela (nee Wemyss).
  Newson: Brian, Verna (nee Wemyss).
  Lorna Burrows (nee Wemyss)
  Cunningham: Marina (nee Wemyss).

  Harris: Caroline, Marina (nee Wemyss).

Fitzhenry: Doreen Clarisa, Wilfred Batho Cole, Mary Jane.

Boucher: Ethel, Normal, George, Ellen Agnes.

Huntley: John, June.

LaFrenais: Percy, Kenneth, George, Mary, Peggy, Rita, Quennie, Colleen, Olga