Leaving Letter

This letter was sent to William Wemyss when he left the Indian Railways to start a new life in England.

W.Wemyss Esquire,
Loco Foreman, Bhatinda.

It is with mingled feelings with deep sorrow and profound delight that we the members of the Grade III Drivers Bhatinda have assembled this evening to bid farewell on the eve for your transfer to Jind Shed.

The period of few years we have passed with you has strengthened so much the silken cord of attachment that our hearts are proportionately heavy at your abrupt separation from our midst.

To try to enurerate your various qualities of head and heart is only to show a candle to the sun. Your magnetic personality, your genial temperament your synpathetic attitude, your charming manners and sociable habits, your joyous disposition and above all your nobility and self sacrificing spirit have won the admiration of all you have come in contact with.

During your stay at Bhatinda as Foreman you discharged your duties most efficiently, you were accessible both to low paid and high paid staff and you were equally ready to give a synpathetic hearing to the grievances and to remove them as soon as they proved to be genuine.

With your consumate wisdom and purity of intentions you have always shared our difficulties and that you have stood by us and taken an unprecedental friendly interest in our social official and private affairs needs no mention but shall always keep your memory fresh with us.

We are always benefited by your kind advice and guidance in time of need and have put us under ever lasting obligations and have stamped your name upon the heart of every one of us to be remembered for ever with sincere love and respect. Your honour has indeed set the noblest example of what an officer ought to do for your brothers and we expect the same behavior from new Loco Foreman Mr. Thoms towards us.

In the end we offer you our humblest and sincerest wishes and prey unto heavenly father to shower his choicest blessing upon you and wish you every success to a new place.

We beg to remain,
Your most obedient servants,

Grade III Drivers,
Bhatinda Shed.
Dated 7th May 1945.